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Boneless Wings - Tossed in your choice of sauce:    
8 - $7.49, 12 - $9.49, 18 - $12.99       Wing Sauces - BBQ,Spicy BBQ, Mild or Hot

Traditional Wings (Bone In) - Tossed in your choice of sauce:    
10 - $8.99, 15 - $12.99       Wing Sauces - BBQ,Spicy BBQ, Mild or Hot

Potato Skins - Seasoned potato shells filled with cheddar cheese,
bacon crumbles, green onions and served 
with sour cream: $7.99

Cheese Sticks
- Fried cheese sticks served with marinara
or ranch: $7.99

Mac N’ Cheese Bites
- Pepper Jack cheese filled macaroni
and cheese bites: $7.99

Onion Straws
- A generous portion of onion straws served
with your choice of southwest sauce or ranch: $7.49

Fried Pickles
- Crispy fried pickles served with your
choice of sauce: $7.99

Loaded Fries
- Your choice of wedge or waffle fries
topped with cheddar or nacho cheese, bacon crumbles and
served with sour cream: $7.99

Bottomless Chips and Salsa
- All you can eat corn
tortilla chips with a bowl of homemade salsa: $7.49

The No. 9 Shrimp Cocktail - Six jumbo shrimp surround
our homemade cocktail sauce: $9.99

Southwest Salad - Diced red onion, black beans, roma
tomatoes, roasted corn, tortilla strips, ground beef and
Monterey Jack cheese, served on a bed of romaine: $8.99

The Wedge - A thick wedge of iceberg lettuce, diced
tomatoes, green pepper, red onions, bacon bits, and bleu
cheese crumbles: $7.99

Chopped Salad - Crisp romaine, roma tomatoes, cucumber,
green onions, bacon bits and shredded parmesan cheese: $7.99

BBQ Chicken Salad - Iceberg, cheddar cheese, red onion,
roma tomatoes, eggs, tortilla strips and breaded chicken
tossed in BBQ: $8.99

Chicken Caesar Salad - Crisp romaine in caesar dressing,
with grilled chicken, bacon, garlic croutons and shredded
parmesan cheese: $8.99

Salad Dressings - Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Thousand Island, French, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Poppyseed